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Land Your Dream Job with a Personalized Brag Book

My career plan never included Sales, but right out of college, I landed a job selling servers and colocation space. I loved it. I enjoyed the speed, the dynamism of working with clients and being in more control of my pay through commission and bonuses. I knew Sales was where I wanted to be. When I decided to test out a different industry, I interviewed for a pharmaceutical sales position and they asked for a Brag Book.

What's a Brag Book?

Your Secret Weapon to Landing Your Dream Job

The Results

Learn How to Brag


What's a Brag Book?

I wasn’t familiar with the term, but I assumed it was a collection of your achievements. I found out, it’s a portfolio of your cover letter, resume, sales achievements, and references. I prepped for the interview, made my professionally bound Brag Book and experienced the after effect—a big rush of confidence.

Your Secret Weapon to Landing Your Dream Job

Outlining your accomplishments is something everyone should do, like reading your greatest hits in one sitting. I got past the first round and ended up passing on the job, but the idea of the Brag Book stuck. Every single job that I wanted to close with a bit more of a persuasive punch, I created a Brag Book, but I added my own spin.

I included a section of relevant work project examples (e.g. presentations and plans) and it turned into my secret weapon. It was an effective way for me to self promote without sounding arrogant or feeling like an imposter. The compilation was a way to show my attention to detail, without only limiting it to a cover letter and resume, sitting in a sea of other cover letters and resumes. Also, it was a method to showcase that I could go above and beyond without just boldly declaring it in an interview. Most of all, I could convince my future employer that I would be an invaluable asset that they couldn’t pass on. And it worked.

The Results

Every single job that I applied for with a Brag Book, I was hired. And it also helped me get my dream Pinterest. A big fan of the app since it was invite-only, I told myself that if I had the chance to work there (even as the janitor), I’d take it! I got a call for an interview, passed the first round with recruiting and flew to San Francisco with my Brag Book ready. I honestly felt the in person interview with the hiring manager wasn’t my best performance, but I weaved the Brag Book into the conversation and as a leave behind. My manager shared with me afterwards that during the debrief meeting with the other interviewers, she held up my Brag Book and said, “We need her.” That was the start of my journey at Pinterest.

Learn How to Brag

But the secret isn’t just creating a book, it’s putting the effort and crafting your story. It’s putting together the tangible evidential proof on why you’re right for the role. It takes time and preparation.

What’s surprising to me is that after nearly 20 years of managing teams, I haven’t stumbled upon a single Brag Book from the hundreds of candidates that I interviewed. Paying it forward, I’m now passing the secret to you, in hopes that you win the job of your dreams. With my business partner and close friend, Sarah, we took the components of my original version of the Brag Book and elevated it. This is the version I wish I had when I created my own.

With a how-to-workbook that includes examples for each section and fully customizable templates, we did most of the heavy lifting for you. It can be easily sent digitally or professionally printed. But if you want to be inspired to craft your own from scratch, below you will find the key sections. Tap into your best self, believe that you’re worth bragging about and happy job hunting!

Title Page

An introduction page with your name, email, phone number and the role you’re applying for. To add a professional touch, include the date of the interview as well as the logo of the company you’re interviewing with.

Cover Letter


Recommendations Letters

Relevant Work Projects



Education & Certifications

Questions regarding our workbook and exercises? Please reach out to

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